Rival Super Bag Glove Review

RIVAL Boxing RFX Guerrero HDE-F Pro Fight Lace Up Boxing Gloves









  • Eva Foam Padding
  • Patented 15 degree Laces
  • Name Patch
  • Made From Genuine Leather


  • Wrist area is thin, which provides support but some people are not used to it

The rival RFX Guerrero gloves are tough gloves that will get you through a kickboxing or boxing sparring or fight session. With a unique design, high quality build, and EVA foam padding, these gloves are built to last!


All around these gloves, the Rival brand logo is largely imprinted. The Rival RFX Guerro gloves include their patented 15 degree lace up gloves. The purpose of their patented lacing is that once you’ve tightened up the gloves, you’ll feel a great amount of support around your wrists. This is why the wrist section of these gloves are not thick. Add to that, your hand wraps will keep your wrists nice and secure.

The structure of the glove is similar to most gloves out there but why I truly like about the design is the branding and personalization.

On the front side of the gloves, right next to the laces, they’ve placed a patch for your name and the glove information i.e the size of the logo.

Rival RFX Guerrero Gloves name patch.
Photo Credit: csquaredboxing


The HDE-F models have a dense EVA foam padding that is laminated to the leather itself. What is EVA foam padding you ask?

Eva Foam, short for ethylene-vinyl acetate is used on gloves due to its benefits being vibration and shock resistant (source). A highly important material in kickboxing and boxing gloves since you’re continuously enduring shock and resistance when punching opponents and punching bags.


When looking at the quality of a glove, first thing to look at is the stitching. The last thing you want is improper stitching and having the glove tearing apart. When it comes to the Rival RDX Guerroro gloves, that is definitely not the case. It put together nicely with proper stitching all over.

One other thing to focus on is the material. These exterior material of these gloves are NOT made from synthetic leather, its made from genuine leather. Genuine leather is durable, flexible, and controls sweat and odors very well when compared to other materials (source).

With the Rival RDX Guerrero gloves have several layers of padding, the padding is thick in the most injury-prone areas such as the knuckles and thumb to keep you protected at all times.

Photo Credit: csquaredboxing


Comfort is definitely a priority with these gloves. The compartment where your fingers sit are not too tight that it causes pain, but secure enough so that they’re not loose. The thumb area also has a nice piece of foam on the top which adds to the comfort while also ensuring that your thumb is protected.

The gloves are also flexible so that when you can easily clamp down and make a fist without exerting too much effort.

Remember, as with any new gloves or boots, new gloves require a few days of wear to break in in order to take shape of your hand and feel how comfortable these gloves truly are.

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