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Having the right tools for the job is essential. You wouldn’t put a paintbrush in your make-up bag and assume that it will do the job just fine, and this is the same way you should think about equipment for kickboxing. Kickboxing is a very specific type of training and therefore requires specific type of equipment.

If you are new to the sport and need help getting started to kit yourself out the right way, check out our recommended list of kickboxing attire for women from head to toe.

1- Top

From jumping rope to spinning kicks, kickboxing demands a wide range of movements. During these movements you need to be both supported, yet unrestricted and comfortable.

Light & Leaf Sports Bra

This compression garment offers great support and is made with with sweat-wicking mesh to help keep you cool, dry, and comfortable, while the sleeveless cut design ensures that you can throw punches without fear of irritation.

2- Hand Wraps

Any experienced combat sports athlete will tell you the importance of wrapping your hands. Unfortunately most beginners dismiss this until they start to experience hand injuries. Make sure you don’t learn the hard way.

Hand wraps help provide compression around your hand and wrist. This provides much needed stability to your wrists. It also allows you to punch harder, knowing that you’re fully geared up

Liberlupus Boxing Hand Wraps

The soft, elastic, and breathable cotton material provides tensile strength while maintaining comfort. In addition there the convenient thumb loop as well as hook & loop closure to help you achieve an effective, hassle-free wrap.

3- Kickboxing Gloves

This is a no brainer, what is kickboxing without the gloves. All those people you see kickboxing on instagram aren’t just putting on the gloves for likes. Gloves will help absorb the shock when you land each jab and cross.

Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves

Specifically designed for women to achieve superior fit and protection these gloves feature a full mesh palm to ensure breathability and comfort, a two-layer foam padding for shock absorbency, and Evershield design.

What is Evershield design you ask? This is a shield design aimed at securing effective fit around the wrist that holds firm under the stress of a variety of striking angles. In addition the fusion of premium synthetic leather means not only is this glove practical, its highly durable too.

RDX MMA Gloves

Perhaps you also take part in some grappling disciplines of mixed martial arts, or maybe you’re just tired of having to remove a closed glove every few minutes to adjust yourself or grab a drink. Whatever your reason for a fingerless glove these RDX gloves are sure to do the job you need them to.

Strengthened with 100% authentic Maya hide leather these gloves offer superior tractability and durability. The exclusively designed tri-layered padding is designed to dispense shock across the glove surface to provide prime protection, while the hook and loop closure ensures essential wrist support.

4- Bottoms

The clue is in the name ‘kickboxing’ so you can expect to do a lot of kicking. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to get half way through a session feeling like you’re wearing sandpaper before you realise that you should have invested in a good pair of bottoms.

Nike Womens Victory Training Capris

Made from a blent of polyester and spandex, these body hugging leggings are designed to provide the ideal comfort and freedom required for high-intensity training. They feature a flat elastic waistband which stays in place during dynamic movement, minimal seems to avoid irritation, and sweat-wicking Dry-FIT technology to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

FYI: Its washing machine friendly, so you can easily clean them!

5- Ankle Support Guard

An ankle sock is an essential item in a kick boxers gym bag. During movements such as the pivot that your standing foot makes when throwing a kick, your ankle needs support, and compression is a great way to achieve this. Also the kicking foot can become sensitive with repeated impact when exposed so its a good idea to cover this.

Venum Ankle Support Guard

With a blend of cotton and elastane the Venom ankle support guard combines much needed compression and stability to the ankle. Its offers broad coverage over the the kicking contact point to prevent irritation, while the clever heel and toe cut design allows for customized fit as well as the exposure of key ground contact points of the foot for all important traction.

FYI: Check out my foot injury when I was training non stop and didn’t use an ankle support guard. Reminder, you should pace yourself when starting out since kickboxing will take a toll on your body in the beginning if you go ham.

6- Shoes

PUMA Women’s Tazon 6

This shoe has a synthetic leather upper and a thermoplastic polyurethane outsole which provides great durability, stability, and grip. It also has a absorbing heel and a breathable EcoOrthoLite sockliner. This helps to prevent sweaty feet and keeps your feet cool.

Check out our full list of the best kickboxing shoes for women for more options!

7- Kickboxing/Gym Bag

Of course you need something to keep all of your gear in, but be sure you think about the practical requirements of your bag. It needs to be structurally capable, offer convenient and hygenic storage sections to organise your gear in to, and comfortable to carry.

Elite Sports Duffle Bag

Made of heavy-duty, military grade materials this bag is the ultimate in durability. It has a mesh compartment with a waterproof lining that ventilates dirty gear, and also a separate shoe pocket on the side of the bag. The convenient and retractable shoulder straps transform the bag into a backpack to offer options in carrying preference.

8- Water Bottle

This is so obvious that its easy to overlook. When training in kickboxing your are going to sweat, and its important to stay hydrated. There’s nothing worse than stepping into the gym noticing that you forgot to get your water bottle and having to buy a 3 or 4 dollar bottle from the front desk, and having to do that a million times!

Venture Pal Water Bottle

With a large capacity (128oz) this water bottle stores enough to last your session. The leak proof plastic is transparent and features unique ‘inspirational quote’ markers that make it easy for you to monitor your intake.

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