Everlast Elite Protex 2 Training Gloves Review

Everlast Elite Protex 2 Training Gloves











  • Wrist Support
  • Padding
  • Mesh for Breathability


  • Thin Velcro
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The Everlast Elite Protex 2 Training gloves has got all the qualities you need for a good session at the gym. While we wouldn’t classify them as the top ranking gloves, they are a suitable option if your looking for a budget friendly gloves to use in the gym for training on punching bags or training with a partner with pads, or even light sparring.

Design & Features

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The design is somewhat typical of a boxing or kickboxing glove in the price range. When looking at the front side of the Everlast Elite Protex2 Training gloves, you’ll notice the typical curvature of a boxing glove. The wrist wrap is thick to aid in wrist support.

The padding is thick enough to absorb the shock, especially when paired with proper hand wraps. This also include the padding in the thumb area of the gloves.

everlast elite protex 2 training gloves review of velcro

Truth be told, not a huge fan of how small the velcro area is with these gloves. Typically they are much larger than that and for good reason, you definitely dont want your gloves to come loose in the middle of your training session. While its not guaranteed to happen, its just best practice to make the velcro a bit bigger to ensure the gloves hold on.

red everlast elite protex 2 training gloves review of mesh

When looking at the back side of the glove, the vinyl material is blended well with the mesh material. The mesh helos aid breathability of the gloves and helps to keep the gloves dry inside.


The exterior material of the glove is made from Vinyl. Some people believe that because vinyl gloves are cheaper than leather gloves then that must reflect the quality. That is not the case.

With technology becoming better and better these days, gloves made from vinyl are lasting much longer and depending on how often you train, vinyl gloves can last just as long as leather gloves.

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Who Are These Gloves Made For?

Theses gloves are made for beginners who are just getting into kickboxing or boxing. The protex 2 is also a great glove for people in cardio kickboxing or who are training once or twice a week.

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