Best Socks for Kickboxing

Sanabul Foot Grips


Anti Slip Material


Mat Burn Protection


Made with Four Way Stretch

sanabul kickboxing socks: best kickboxing socks

The best socks for kickboxing are the Sanabul Foot Grips.

Kickboxers are known to be light on their feet. Therefore, proper footwear is essential. Some people don’t like to wear shoes, yet don’t like the idea of ​​being barefoot on kickboxing mats. This is where kickboxing socks come in.

What To Look For in Good Kickboxing Socks?

Before suggesting my best pick for the best kickboxing socks, you need to know the characteristics of a good pair. A good pair of kickboxing socks should have the following features:

  • Lightweight
  • Non-Slip Bottom
  • Easy to put on and take off

A proper pair of kickboxing socks should be lightweight and have a non-slip bottom that allows your feet to grip the mat. The best kickboxing socks are easy to put on and take off so that you can put them on right at the moment before the workout as quickly as you put on gloves. And more importantly, the socks should not be itchy.

Sanabul Foot Grip Socks

Anti-slip materialRecommended to wash it in Cold Water or by hand to avoid the removal of racing stripes
Easy to clean
Mat burn protection
Can be used for most MMA sports
Proper Compression

If you’re interested, check them out on Amazon (link to Amazon)

After researching hundreds of options, the pick for the best kickboxing socks goes to the Sanabul Foot Grips. They are made of a soft, durable, high-quality fabric that does not hold dirt and is resistant to sweat. These socks spread the tips of your feet and help keep you comfortable. The top name in the industry, Sanabul, designed these for the most versatile use. It is a perfect choice for MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai, yoga, and any form of martial art.

Sanabul Foot Grips are incredibly stretchy, lightweight, and breathable- so you don’t feel like your range of motion is limited. With these socks, you no longer need to worry about foot infections, bacteria, or fungus. These socks are easy to clean. Just wash it off after each use.

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