Best Punching Bags For Kickboxing At Home

Best punching bag for kickboxing at home: man punching a punching bag
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The best punching bags for kickboxing at home are:

1.Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag
2.Nexersys N3 Elite
3.Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag
4.U’King Adult & Kids Freestanding Punching Bag
5.Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)
6.Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag
7.Tech Tools Punching Bag Reflex Boxing Bag with Stand, Height Adjustable
8.FITVEN Punching Bag
9.RDX Punching Bag
10.RDTIAN Sports Tools, Heavy-Duty Boxing
11.Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag
12.Portzon Punching Bag Set Boxing Training MMA Heavy Bags
13.Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag
14.Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag
15.FAIRTEX Heavy Bag

Kickboxing needs a great deal of work in getting ready and keeping yourself fit. Like other kickboxing equipment, a punching bag is an important item for your kickboxing training. This is because you can practice or work on a lot of the different combinations, both upper and lower body movements.

Furthermore, if you’re intention is to lose weight through kickboxing or cardio kickboxing, a punching bag will help to add more resistance to your workout which will help you reach your goal much faster than shadow boxing. Find out how many calories you can burn kickboxing.

That’s why we have tried to find the best punching bag for kickboxing at home and shortlisted quite a few.

What to Look for When Buying a Punching Bag?

Purchasing the right punching bag depends a lot on personal preferences. However, you should keep in mind factors like:

Bag Size

Determining the size of the bag is the first step in learning how to pick a punching bag. It is quite simple. Divide your body weight by two. For exmaple if you weight 200 lbs, you should look into buying a 100 lbs bag or the closest thing to it (try to round up) (source).

Your Own Skills

If you are a beginner or do not have enormous strength, you may be better off going with a lighter pack. Alternatively, look into buying a punching bag where you can alter the weight so that the more you progess, you can keep challenging yourself.

We’ve included several punching bags that allow you to alter the weight.

Punching Bag Hanging Facility

Most punching bags are designed to be installed in gyms and garages. Howeve we do understand that this may not be something that everyone is looking for.

Mobility, the ability to move the punching bag anywhere, is a feature that many people look for when choosing the right punching bag. Some of the punching bags in the list below allow you to fill the base with sand or water, and simply rolling the punching bag in order to move it easily.

Let’s have a look at the kickboxing punching bags we’ve shortlisted for you!

1. Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

The Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Punching Bag is ideal for anyone. The height-adjustable feature allows for great flexibility, allowing you to practice and improve your

  • Punches
  • Pace,
  • Footwork,
  • Kicks
  • Grappling (if you feel inclined).

You can adjust the height from 47 to 68 inches, which makes it inclusive for people of all heights.

One of the main benefits of a freestanding punching bag with a round base is that it is relatively compact and straightforward to store (though it is a bit heavy). It can be leaned over and rolled into place. You do not need to drill holes in your ceiling or buy a heavy bag stand.

When fully filled, it can weight up to 250 lbs which means its perfect for people weighing more than 500 lbs (source).

Easy to Move Around & StoreMay not be suitable for people taller than 6 feet for kicks.
Sand or water can be used to add weight.
Easy & Quick to Set Up
Great Value
Can weigh up to 250lbs

2. Nexersys N3 Elite

N3 Elite offers an immersive boxing experience with 3D mitts and sparring partners through customized High-Intensity Interval Learning. Build your own custom profile, and choose between round forms, durations of training, and ability levels. Nexersys teaches, trains, and scores 50 progressive strikes and combos using motion detection software, including defensive moves.

Interactive FitnessNot Traditional – Purely focused on training.
Personalized Form of Training
Real-time Feedback
Multiplayer Mode

Here’s Business Insiders review of the pro version. The Nexersys N3 uses a similar software but does not have the extra side pads.

3. Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag

For children and adults, the Dripex freestanding punching bag is an excellent option for those wanting to buy a punching bag and avoid hanging a bag from the ceiling. Punching bags are a perfect choice for stress relief at home, and also give you the opportunity for an intense workout at home!

Anti- Vibration TechnologySmall Opening to fill in sand/water – You may need a funnel.
Noise Resistant
Easy to Assemble
Shock Absorbing Technology

4. U’King Adult & Kids Freestanding Punching Bag

The multilayer structure of this punching bag makes it durable, tear-resistant, and environmentally friendly. The outer cover is PU leather 2 mm thick and has high duty stitching. The other layers are a buffer made of fabric, high-density EPE foam, and an enclosed tube made of stainless steel. The ergonomic nature of the cushions helps to withstand shock and reduce touch noise.

It’s a convenient punching bag given that you just need to assemble 4 different pieces; suction cups, base (X2), punching bag.

Remember: You’re better off filling the base with sand for better stability.

Easy to Assemble (takes a few minutes)Non-adjustable height
Strong & Durable
Noise Reduction Tech
Strong Base

5. Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)

This is a great option if you are looking for something that offers a little more than a standard punching bag. To those of you interested in mixed martial arts, this bag will really improve your workout. The pack also moves well for work on the field and on the pound. These are just a few of the many exercises and training techniques you can work on while using this simulator in combat.

This is a great option for people looking for a punching bag for stand-up and ground training. The top handles help you perform knee strikes, one of the fundamental movements in kickboxing.

It stands out from the rest of the punching bags on the list since its a punching bag that moves as it returns to its original position. This is a more realistic form of training since your opponents move!.

While the Century Versys Fight Simulator is not as heavy, its specifically designed so that you practice and work on your technique. Kickboxing is not just about how hard you can hit, its about how fast you can hit and move. Since its not hung on a wall, you can move it around easily which helps you with specific strikes and warm up workouts. Here are some workout ideas:

  • Elbow strikes
  • Jab/Cross
  • Knee Strikes
  • Low Kicks
  • High Kick
  • Take Downs
  • Ground and pound
  • Plyo Jumps
Feels Like Having a Sparring PartnerNot a heavy bag
Pre-Filled Base
Lots of Workout Options Given its Versatility
Can be Used For Kickboxers & Most MMA Training

6. Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag

The V.Spar.1 bag is 48 inches extended and needs no height change. Furthermore, its architecture allows both high and low kicks. It punches to be practiced, something which the other bags we reviewed can not provide. One drawback of this bag is that it swings around with any strike, so your kid will need to be more coordinated to accurately land kicks and punches.

Learn more about what age can kids start kickboxing.

Great for practicing knee and elbow strikes May tip over easier than other punching bags.
Specifically Made For Kids
Can be tossed around

7. Tech Tools Punching Bag Reflex Boxing Bag

The boxing choice we are talking about here comes as a mix. This is made of a hand pump, gloves, height-adjustable stand along with a punching bag. The sturdy base means you can use it for some substantial duty practice. You can also fill the bottom with 15 lbs of water or sand to improve its stability.

The Tech Tools Punching reflex punching bag is a more boxing focused punching bag but is great for kickboxing as it helps work on your reflexes and response to dodging hits. Remember, your opponent is not going to stand steady, they’ll be punching back, so practicing dodging the hits is key.

Adjustable HeightBoxing focused, upper body focused
Stable Base
Fillable with water or sand
Can be used in many places

8. FITVEN Punching Bag

This punching bag stands out because it is pretty tall, which makes it a great option if you’re buy this heavy bag for more than just 1 person to use as it can accommodate people of a sizes.

Compared to most of the bags on this list, this bag is exceptionally tall, which is very surprising when you consider that it only carries a maximum of 50 pounds.

It’s got a zipper so if you wanted to add more weight to it, you definitely do so. Furthermore, the material is made from synthetic leather making it durable.

While it does not come with the stand, they do hook you up with 4 different accessories to help you hand this bag in your garage or gym:

  • Extension chain
  • Standard Hook
  • Snap Hook
  • Hanging Strap
Accessories provided for to hang the bagStand not included
Made for people of all sizes
Made from Durable Material
1 year warranty included

9. RDX Punching Bag

The RDX Boxing Bag overall is a perfect punch bag for beginners and experienced martial artists alike. This is suitable not only for boxing but also for other martial arts and can also be used for self-training. The bag is robust, so it can definitely withstand a hard beating.

Tethered loopFocused mainly on beginners
Includes accessories (pair of gloves, chains)
Suitable for diverse MMA

10. RDTIAN Sports Tools, Heavy-Duty Boxing

The RDTIAN training set provides just about all you need to immediately start. It has a sturdy frame, punching bag and a speedball, so you can work on your strength, speed, and cardio workouts at home.

All you need to buy is a pair of comfortable boxing gloves, and you are good to go for home use with this punching and speed bag stand.

The inclusion of both the speeding bag and the heavy bag is what makes RDTIAN stand out. Your ability to work on strength and speed with the same set is a much more inclusive approach, especially for beginners trying to ramp up their skills.

Brackets (holding both bags) are made from steelNo gloves included
Triangular base to add more stability
Able to load up to 132lbs
Includes both speed bag and heavy weight bag

11. Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag

Everlast, a brand you are definitely familiar with if you’ve been to a kickboxing or MMA class in your life. One of the most popular MMA gear companies in the world. If you’re looking for a well rounded starter pack to start your kickboxing journey from home, look no further.

The punching bag is stuffed with a blend of natural and synthetic sand, which sets it apart from its competitors while giving it an edge. The height is customizable and the punching bag set includes:

  • 70lbs heavy punching bag
  • Bungee cord to add more support to the bag should you decide to add more weight to the bag
  • Everlast gloves
  • Everylast hand wraps
Adjustable HeightNot mobile
Stuffed with a blend of natural and synthetic sand
Adjustable band to hold the punching bag
Includes gloves & hand wraps

12. Portzon Punching Bag Set Boxing Training MMA Heavy Bags

This punching bag is packed with an innovative double-sided design to aid in durability. The chain it comes with allows the punching bag to move freely and rotate 360 degrees. This punching bag set comes with

  • Punching bag
  • Chain
  • boxing hook
  • Gloves
  • Hand Wraps
Durable DesignBrand isnt as popular as others
Easy to assemble
Includes Accessories

13. Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag

The company may not be the most known in the industry, but those who have taken it for a test run can testify to its top-notch construction. Unlike other punching bags, this punching bag is filled with fabric (as opposed to sand) and is machine compressed to help preserve the shape of the punching bad ensure that it lasts longer.

The outer material of the punching bag is made from vinyl, making it tear-resistant. The vinyl material is capable of holding up to 300lbs.

Made from Durable Vinyl materialNot mobile
Filling is made from fabrics
Holds up to 300lbs
10 Year Warranty certificate
Can be used for home or GYM

14. Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

Ringside’s heavy bag, which is advertised as the ideal bag for fitness and martial arts practice, is a large, full-length punching bag. Constructed to withstand the massive hits, its filled with fabrics instead of stands in order to withstand the hard hits while still maintaining its structure.

The outslayer punching bag may be on the expensive side, but its truly worth the investment and will last you a long time.

Large floor footprint not required Accessories like the hanging spring are sold seperately, but are easily found.
Large size
Used by pros and can be used at home
High quality material: Filled with fibre to main aesthetic & structure

15. Fairtex Heavy Bag

We suggest the Fairtex Wide Heavy Bag if you are looking to buy a large bag for your own workout. This big bag comes unfilled, and when it arrives, all you will need to do is pack it. While obviously the go to thing to pack it with would be sand, we would recommend using rubber mulch.

To ensure it lasts, the material is a blend of Syntek leather and non-tear nylon. Because of the medium length, this bag form is flexible and can be used for both Boxing and Muay Thai.

DurableNot Mobile
Unfilled so you can pack it with whatever you prefer
Can be used for all MMA sports

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