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Best Kickboxing Workout DVD For Beginners - Women punching a punching bag
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Choosing the best kickboxing workout DVD as a beginner might seem challenging due to the excessive options that are out there. We know what it’s like to have thousands of products in front of you and having to choose one of them.

Don’t worry though, we got you covered. We’ve listed out the top kickboxing and cardio kickboxing dvd’s for you to watch and practice at home.

The kickboxing and cardio kickboxing dvd to watch at home for beginners are:

1.Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix
2.Grapplearts The Precision Kickboxing Masterclass
3.EFLT Kickboxing DVDs Workout and Instructional Kickbox Muay Thai Training
4.Martial Art Extreme MAE – High Intensity Home Workout Program DVD

1. Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix

The three 20-minute workouts on this kickboxing DVD will make your heart beat faster than ever. You’ll follow along with Jillian Michaels, known for her big role in the show “the biggest loser”, and six other women, with the option to choose kickboxing routines that emphasize different body parts. Her cardio kickboxing program is broken in 3 different parts:

Workout 1Cardio + Upper Body Workout
Workout 2Cardio + Lower Body Workout
Workout 3Cardio + Abs

Jillian fits in fundamental moves into every 20 minute video. Her Workout program incorporates includes the use of some equipment, such as jump ropes and weights. Still, most movements can be done without them if you are not ready to make the additional purchase.

In the cardio portion of the workout program, here are some of the included exercises:

  • Rope skipping
  • Double unders
  • Jog in place
  • Suicides (fast cardio)

Some of the Upper body work involdes:

  • Jab cross
  • Double elbow
  • Hook cross
  • Speed push up

Some of the lower body work includes:

  • Slide up round kick
  • Spinning round kick
  • Back leg thrust
  • Knee thrust

Her workouts are done in circuits. So you’re basically learning the fundamentals while getting a great cardio workout.

Remember: Whether you’re interested in kickboxing or Cardio Kickboxing, improving your stamina is key to endurance. A key skill that helps you during an actual sparring or fight session.

Kickboxing Fundamentals are TaughtSome Exercises Aren’t Easy – but you’ll get the hang of it with time.
Short workout durations – 20 minutes
Motivating & Fun
Tutorial video to get familiar with moves

2. Grapplearts The Precision Kickboxing Masterclass

The Masterclass Precision Kickboxing is a complete system from A to Z to master kickboxing. It is a kickboxing learning system of two instructors with more than 50 years of shared experience in the martial arts. This is a more kickboxing workout focused DVD set, as opposed to Jillians Cardio Kickboxing program.

It is available as a set of 6 DVDs and in an online format. Which you can instantly access on your computer, phone, or tablet.

This 8-hour world-class kickboxing instruction ranges from the basics to advanced exercises and combinations. Ritchie Yip and Stephan Kesting will teach you how to throw jab crosses, kicks, elbows, and knees with speed, precision, and power. The most important thing is that you will also get the counters, defenses, combinations, training methods, exercises, and strategies used by professionals so that you can functionalize this material in a real game, or on the street.

If you are new to kickboxing, for the best value for money, we suggest you start with volumes 1, 2, and 3. With just these 3 volumes on your credit, you will start working and build a complete foundation. After that, the remaining 5 volumes will allow you to get as far as you want into the kickboxing rabbit hole.

Basic to advance exercises May be to overwhelming if you’re just starting – Stick to Volumes 1,2,3 if that’s the case
A to Z kickboxing techniques
Available in the online format
Specially designed for kickboxing
Features solo and partner drills

3. EFLT Kickboxing DVDs Workout and Instructional Kickbox Muay Thai Training

The course includes 2 parts: a 47-minutes kickboxing workout DVD + 143-minutes instructional kickbox Muay Thai training.

Part 1 is perfect for losing weight with special Muay Thai kickboxing exercises with the purpose on working on your cardio. The aim is to burn 600 calories in 47 minutes thanks to the high-intensity form of training.

In addition, it acts as an excellent personal trainer in order to stay toned and form the ideal body shape you may be looking for. Train for 47 minutes each day and see the results of the first 30 days of training. Keep in mind that if you’re goal is to lose weight through kickboxing, you’ll really need to pay attention to what you eat, reduce your stress and more.

Part 2 includes 10 lessons of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA technique. Special effects and mental images are used to better understand the material. This part is great for all those who want to learn Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA.

Separate DVDs for cardiokickboxing and KickboxingMay be too hard for beginners – We do recommend that you work at your own pace.
Highly motivating
Great for beginners and people of all experience levels

4. Martial Art Extreme MAE – High Intensity Home Workout Program DVD

This is definitely a cardio kickboxing focused DVD set. The focus here is to focus on the correct form and technique, while also keeping your heart rate elevated to ensure you’re getting a great workout.

It includes a collection of 14 DVDs that include 10 intensive training sessions, 2 tutorials that explain the basic techniques to avoid injuries by learning the correct technique.

Certified instructor Jerry Bola offers demonstrations, and an easy-to-follow video makes you sweat and work all your muscles, abs, chest, legs and arms

You’ll learn to develop strength, endurance, and lose weight as long as you stick with the program and live a healthier lifestyle. The best part is that you can learn kickboxing at home! MAE is ideal for all ages. It adapts to any daily schedule and with all the variations of moves and cardio moves, you wont feel bored.

Easy-to-follow Tutorial & InstructionsPrice may be on the higher end given the sheer amount of content.
Suitable for all ages
Focuses both on cardio and fundamental kickboxing moves

Final Thoughts

If you are a newbie to kickboxing, we would suggest you go for Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix. It will help you shape the full body with many exercises. Instructions are easy-to-follow and will motivate you to progress.

EFLT kickboxing DVDs are good for someone looking for both workout and Muay Thai training. If you want to master kickboxing techniques, then we would recommend Grapplearts The Precision Kickboxing Masterclass.

However, all these kickboxing workout DVDs are made by experienced and certified instructors. You have all the necessary information. Make your buying decision to suit your personal workout goals.

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