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Phone and Fitness Tracker. Best Fitness Tracker For Kickboxing
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The best fitness tracker for kickboxing are:

1.UFC Force Tracker
2.Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor
3.PIQ Everlast Wearable Sports Fitness Tracker
5.BXtracker Smart Boxing Tracker

Health-conscious people really like fitness trackers, and kickboxers are no different. These devices do a great job of measuring progress and track important metric. You can find a lot of kickboxing specific fitness trackers in the market, but finding the best fitness tracker for kickboxing can be challenging.

The fitness trackers mentioned in this post are the most common ones used among kickboxers. Here’s the entire list of the best fitness trackers used for kickboxing.

What to Consider in a Kickboxing Fitness Tracker?

When you decide to buy a fitness tracker, you should consider what stats they help track and whether they offer training sessions, real-time commentary, and video tutorials. You should also determine which third-party sensors, such as heart rate monitors, can be paired with physical activity trackers for better training information.

Another essential consideration is how trackers are used. A series of sensors are held in place using proper kickboxing wraps, while some trackers also come with velcro straps for easy and convenient use. The size and weight of the kickboxing fitness tracker are also crucial as it affects how comfortable you feel while wearing it on your wrist. Also, battery life is something to keep in mind.

So, these are the main benchmarks of a decent kickboxing fitness tracker.

  • Responsiveness
  • Convenience
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Battery life

1- UFC Force Tracker

The UFC Force tracker, like the name suggests, is dedicated exclusively to combat sports. It’s not your regular physical activity tracker. You don’t put it on your arm, wrist,  or hand. In fact, it is meant to be placed outside your body. This non-portable device is designed to fit at the bottom of a punching bag (or at the top if you have a standing pouch).

It is designed to sync with your smart device. The Force Tracker app will use its artificial intelligence and advanced sensor tracking technology to break down your kicks. It will measure not only the number of shots, but also the angle, force, and even speed. And eventually it will provide instant but accurate information thanks to the application’s highly interactive interface.

This tracker can also act as a trainer if necessary! And best of all, if you want to add other combat sports to your repertoire, like Taekwondo or Muay Thai, the UFC Force Tracker can still do the job.

How does the UFC Force Tracker help with kickboxing?


Best Fitness tracker for Kickboxing: Smart Device showing the stats after a 1 minute kickboxing round on a punching bag. These stats include speed and power.
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The UFC Force Tracker can be set up so that when you’re done with a 1 minute round, you can view stats such as

  • Total Punch Force – this measures how powerful your combined punches were throughout the entire round.
  • Average Punch Force – This measures the average force of every punch you did throughout the round.
  • Speed – This measures how many punches you landed in the span of a minute.

Compares Your Stats with Others

Best Fitness tracker for Kickboxing: Man pointing to his smart device which shows where his kickboxing sessions ranks among others.
Photo Credit: Check Specks

When looking for a good fitness tracker for kickboxing, you want to look at how you perform against other as a benchmark to see if your training and power is improving.

This is where the UFC Force Tracker comes into play as it ranks your performance against other registered users.

Easy Installation

The UFC Force Tracker device attached to the bottom of a punching bag as part of the easy installation process.
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All you have to do to install it is to attach the device to the bottom of the punching bag and install the app to your phone.

Instant Feedback

Since it’s connected to your phone or device, it can instantly give you feedback. For example, if you wanted to see how powerful your kicks are, you can simply set it so that it instantly shows you how powerful each kick is.

Here’s a visual of how it works:

Non-wearable wireless designDoes not track Heart Rate or Calories (check out how many calories you can burn in a kickboxing session)
Instant Feedback & Metrics
Easy Installation and Set Up
Easy to Track Performance

2- Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

When it comes to precision and connectivity, the Polar H10 heart rate sensor is a perfect choice. It is perfect for kickboxing, boxing, and similar activities where a wrist unit would be difficult to use. This heart rate monitor builds upon the legacy of Polar heart rate technology and is compatible with IOS and android devices.

You can monitor your heart rate with highest accuracy and connect your heart rate to a variety of Bluetooth® and ANT + training devices. You can also pair your Polar H10 heart rate sensor directly with the compatible GoPro Hero 5 camera and edge your heart rate data over recorded video.

The material of the device is comfortable to wear, and the silicone dots and improved buckle keep the strap firmly in place. It includes 400 hours of operation with a user-replaceable battery. The revised design of the heart rate chest strap provides the necessary comfort and safety while practicing kickboxing.

The polar H10 focuses heavily on running as a form of cardio. So to focus on kickboxing, be sure to select “other indoor” when tracking your performance.

Monitors Heart Rate & CaloriesDoes not measure power of kicks and punches
Syncs to GoPro
Long lasting battery

3- PIQ Everlast Wearable Sports Fitness Tracker

Everlast and PIQ, two big brands, joined forced to create a fitness tracker for boxing and kickboxing. It tracks both the calories you burn as well as the kickboxing metrics.

PIQSCORE results showcasing the results from the kickboxing tracker.
Photo Credit: Techy Agent
  • Speed
  • G-Force – Power of your punches
  • Retraction – How fast you’re pulling your arms back from those punches

Those metrics combined give you a PIQscore. For benchmarking purposes, a score of a professional boxer would be around 10,000.

The app gives you the opportunity to track your workout properly. You can track different workouts like:

  • Shadow boxing
  • Bag Training
  • MITT training
  • Sparring training

In addition to all that, it keeps track of the total time duration of the workout, total punches, and speed.

Types of kickboxing workout showcasing the results from the kickboxing tracker.
Dashboard showcasing the results from the kickboxing tracker.
Photo Credit: Techy Agent

So, How Does It Work?

The PIQ Everlast tracker comes with a hand wrap and a charger to be worn over your hand wraps. Remember, the hand wraps given should not be worn to replace your original handwraps as they dont provide enough support.

Easy To UseDoes not measure heart rate
App Comes Provides A Lot of Stats
Battery Lasts up to 8 hours on a Single Charge
Tracks both calories and kickboxing metrics

4- Moov

Moov stands out from the crowd given how versatile it is. It can be used for swimming, running, biking, shadow boxing, kickboxing and general workouts. So what comes in the moov. It’s simple. Two rigid, breathable, and comfortable bands plus the red moov tracker.

Moov fitness tracker that can be used for boxing and kickboxing.

Download the app, and you can get comprehensive insights. More than just your workout. Since it’s designed to be used during your workouts and after, it tracks:

  • Your sleeping patterns (which is a big part of kickboxing recovery),
  • Calories
  • Steps

and other metrics depending on the workout you have selected.

Moov Features for Kickboxing


As previously mentioned, this tracker can be used to track your swimming performance which most certainly means that its water and sweat proof!

Shadow boxing workouts

The app included with this tracker includes a cardio boxing game that works on your reflex and speed. The tracker measures:

  • Speed
  • G-Force (how strong your punches are)
  • Accuracy
  • Response Time
Screen displaying Moov fitness dashboard displaying kickboxing workout.
Photo Credit: JimsReviewRoom

In this game, you’ll be mainly working on jabs, crosses, hooks, and upper cuts. Outside of the game though, you can use it while setting it on a more general mode and track your calories and movement when your shadow boxing.

Pre Workout Warm-up

As any kickboxer knows, before starting any kickboxing workout, you’re typically warming up by having your instructor leading the warm up which typically consists of general workouts like squats, jogging, sit-up etc. However with a lot of us kickboxing at home, Moov provides a general workout program to help you with your warm up.

Pre workout program as part of the Moov fitness tracker that can be used for kickboxing.
Photo Credit: JimsReviewRoom

Audio Coaching

Moov also provides audio coaching to keep you going! while it does sound very robotic and mechanical, any push to keep you going for longer helps!

Multi-use for multiple sportsShadow cardio boxing requires 2 moov trackers
Breathable and rigid bands
Includes shadow cardio boxing with the app
Wide variety of metrics and stats
Tracks calories burned

5- BXtracker Smart Boxing Tracker

The BXtracker offers a simple tracker that is attached to your kickboxing wraps and corresponds to your smart phone.

Similar to the other trackers on this list, this tracker gives instant feedback on the following metrics:

  • Intensity Score
  • Punch Count
  • Velocity (speed)

While the installation is easy, and the tracker measures the essentials, there are some issues with this tracker. If you’re only looking to only keep count of left and right strikes, then this tracker will do you well.

However when it comes to the left and right hooks, it doesnt do the best job of keep track of keeping count. The same can be said about the velocity (speed).

BXtracker smart boxing tracker results displayed while man is testing them.
BXtracker smart boxing tracker results displayed
Easy to install and connect to your smartphoneVelocity measurement could be improved
Instant stats FeedbackHard to differentiate between jabs and hooks
Easy to wear
Comes with two trackers for both hands

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