How To Wash Kickboxing Gloves

Kickboxing Gloves :How to wash kickboxing gloves
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Here’s How To Wash Kickboxing Gloves:

1.Use A Glove Deoderizer
2.Wipe Gloves with a Towel or Paper Towel
3.Use an Antibacterial Spray
4.Soak Your Gloves in Saline or Saltwater

After putting on your kickboxing gloves for a while, you’ll notice the inside starts to smell pretty bad. This is an acute problem with kickboxers since they sweat a lot while wearing gloves. As the moisture and sweat dry out over time, the gloves begin to develop an odor.

Fortunately, there are protective steps that you can take to clean your gloves and keep them from being infected by toxic or fragrant bacteria.

Here’s how to wash your kickboxing gloves:

1- Use a Glove Deoderizer

Meister Glove Deodorizers are the best solution for the problem of sweat and odour accumulation. If you don’t know yet, deodorizers are a pair of cotton bags filled with cedar shards that kill bacteria inside boxing gloves. 

Meister Glove Deodorant absorbs moisture and unwanted odours to keep gloves clean and hygienic. This product will keep your gloves fresh with four different scents: cedar, cologne, pure linen, or lavender. This glove deodorant will extend the life of your gloves by preventing the breakdown of moisture.

2- Wipe Gloves with a Towel or Paper Towel

Towel and paper towel next to kickboxing gloves to demonstrate how to wash kickboxing gloves

Wipe your gloves with a towel or towel paper after each use to prevent them from contracting bacteria. This will minimize the moisture that harbours bacteria.

Wrap your hand with a towel and put your hand inside one of your gloves. Move your hand to help soak the sweat. Repeat for the other gloves.

3- Use an Antibacterial Spray to Kill Germs

Antibacterial spray to wash kickboxing gloves
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Most gym or kickboxing gyms should have an antibacterial spray.

Using an antibacterial spray will kill germs on the surface of your gloves. Before hanging your kickboxing gloves in the air or in the sun, you should use an antibacterial spray to kill harmful bacteria. 

Obviously, this method does not have a 100% success rate, but it decreases the overall frequency of germs. Keep in mind that antibacterial sprays differ by brand, so you should find what works best before buying one for you.

4- Soak Your Gloves in Saline or Saltwater

kickboxing glove soaked in saltwater

A safe way to kill any bacteria on your gloves is to soak it in saline (such as saltwater) overnight. The solution breaks down and dissolves any bacteria in your gloves. It is a natural way to wash kickboxing gloves. The saltwater soak is considered a superior alternative to cleaning with boiled water.

However, this technique can be hazardous if your gloves are made of ingredients that do not respond well to saltwater. So, it is definitely recommend that you to check if your gloves are ok to be soaked in saltwater.

Dry Your Gloves

It is imperative to let the gloves dry completely after each use to keep them clean as germs need moisture to survive. Drying the gloves will prevent bacteria from reproducing. If you don’t dry the gloves after using them, they will smell bad. 

Hang the gloves in a well-ventilated area with blown air or expose them to the sun.

Use a Blow Dryer

If you need to dry your gloves quickly, a blow dryer is an excellent way to do so. Be sure to use the dryer in a cool place as heat can damage gloves and harden the leather.

Place the dryer in a cold position and point the nozzle toward the opening of a glove. Check the humidity situation at five-minute intervals, and when one glove is dry, repeat with the other.

Blowdryer being used to dry a kickboxing glove

Final Thoughts

While there are other methods on how to wash kickboxing gloves, the ones mentioned are the safest and widespread. Every method is not safe for all gloves. A technique that works for leather gloves could damage polyester gloves. Always use your common sense and do research to avoid endangering your gloves or yourself.

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