How to Learn Kickboxing at Home for Beginners

2 men kickbox training: How to learn Kickboxing at home for beginners
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Whether you want to fend off an attack or just get in shape, learning the art of kickboxing will get you there. An experienced instructor can help you demonstrate the technique and provide feedback, as well as provide a training partner. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself.

There are many DVDs, Youtube videos, and online resources you can use to build a solid foundation. For example, here is a personal kickboxing trainer for your home (link to amazon).

How to Learn Kickboxing at Home as a Beginner

Gear Up

While kickboxing is definitely a workout you can do without equipment, there are a few basic essentials you’ll need if you’re looking to do it right.

To get started with kickboxing at home, you’ll may need to invest in

Gearing up with the above mentioned gear, should get you started and help you make the most out of your training. You can invest in other protective equipment as well should you feel ready to take things to the next level. That would include kickboxing gear like:

  • Head Guard
  • Shin guards
  • Hip Belt

But those are mainly designed for sparring which would be great if you had a training partner.

Learn The Basics with YouTube

There are plenty of movements like rear kicks, punches and other combinations that are essential to know at the beginning. You’ll find plenty of videos on Youtube. Watch and follow them. Then, spend time practising these techniques before moving on to more advanced combinations.

Kickboxing DVDs

Whether you’re first starting out or have watched a few YouTube videos and looking to take your skills to the next level, Kickboxing DVDs can really help.

Obviously, not all kickboxing DVD’s are tailored to mastering kickboxing techniques, some DVDs are more tailored towards Cardio Kickboxing. Which makes sense as some people may be engaging in kickboxing for the sole purpose of losing calories, which is great too!

Ideally, the instructor is a former kickboxer or a certified professional. From beginning to advanced training, these videos will help you learn kickboxing at home.Whether you’re goal is to improve your jab crosses or combinations, you may want to invest in a kickboxing DVD as they’re focused on packing everything you need to know in a few sessions.

Check out our full review of the best kickboxing DVDs to help you determine which kickboxing DVD to go for and why.

Get Started with Shadow Kickboxing

This is the foremost and more rawest way to learn kickboxing at home. You can easily get into shadowboxing, which requires absolutely no equipment. It is a useful aspect of training that can help you work on your plans.

Shadowboxing is amazingly versatile due to its freestyle nature and simplicity. You can practice whatever and whenever you want without distraction and receive instant feedback from a mirror or a camera.

Train With a Partner

If you have a training partner who is equally enthusiastic about kickboxing as you, your home training will become much more fun and convenient. You will be able to train new combos with your partner. And having someone else to train is always better than training all by yourself. You know, bags don’t punch back!

You can also help each other improve by noting out what the other person needs to work on.

Record Yourself

Recording yourself with a video camera or a smartphone while training will help you to receive feedback from pros later. You’ll get to know what you’re doing wrong and learn from your mistakes. It will help you improve continuously and gain confidence.

Thats what I did in the past and it really does help. While we didn’t shoot this at home, it taught me what I was doing wrong. My balance was off, not enough swing, not raising my left hand to protect my face, etc.

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