How To Get More Flexible For Kickboxing

Muay Thai Stetching

Here’s how to get more flexible for Kickboxing:

  1. Warm up (5 – 10 minutes of jogging or skipping)
  2. Perform Dynamic & Static Stretch (moving vs stationary stretches)
  3. Start & Finish Kickboxing session
  4. Perform Dynamic & Static Stretch for 5 – 10 minutes

Repeat these steps with every Kickboxing session you attend.

Warm Up

Take a video of you skipping (A giphy would work)

Warming up your muscles before stretching is important because it increased the flow of blood to the muscle. As a result, this allows your muscles to be more loose. This also allows the heart to recieve more oxgyen through the blood, which will place less stress on it during your workout.

Warming up and stretching before your workout will give you more range of motion. This is crucially important for when you perform harder moves like lead and rear switch kicks that require proper hip movement and more.

Daily Dynamic & Static Stretches for Kickboxing

explain the difference

Take a video of you doing all the stretches and post it to YouTube.

Static Stretches

1- Neck Side Bend Stretch

2- Lower Back Flexion Stretch

It help open up the joint spaces in the back to take pressure off the nerves.

3- Quadricep and Hip Stretch

4- Hip Flexor Stretches

Dynamic Stretches

1- Arm Swings

2- Leg Swings Forward and Back

3- Multi-Directional Lunges

You can do this with or without weights.

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