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Kickboxing training

It’s recommended to Kickbox 3 times a week as a beginner. After that, you should be aiming to go 3 – 5 times a week. First priority as a beginner is to work on your conditioning. Second, is to practice and master the techniques to all combinations you’re taught in class.

Kickboxing is both an anerobic and aerobic full body workout (source). This is because the conditioning portion of the class is focused on cardiovascular conditioning making it a aerobic. While the combinations and power of the kicks and punches are focused on muscle strength and power, making it an anaerobic workout.

That said, there is no scientific recommendation as to how many times a week you should be kickboxing. Listen to your body and see how you feel. Every person has different goals. Every person does kickboxing to either lose weight (fitness) or to learn how to fight.

How Many Times A Week Should I do Kickboxing & Why?

Whatever your goal is, here’s a summary as to how many times you should be kickboxing and why.

Skill LevelHow Many Times You Should KickboxWhy?
Beginner3 times per weekYour body is in complete shock, you’re probably burning much more calories than a regular goer. You’re body is adapting to a new stimulus
Intermediate3 – 5 times a weekAt this point, you’re on par with the conditioning. This is where you continue working on conditioning while practicing the techniques to all combinations you’re learning at the gym or at home

Remember: If you’re a beginner, you’re main priority is to build up your fitness and conditioning. You should also practice the moves (jabs, crosses, and kicks). If I had to put a number to it, i’d say 70% cardio work, and 30% combination (skill) work.

My personal Experience

When I first started kickboxing. I almost puked just 10 minutes into the warm up cardio. It was bad. Yet I was extremely eager to master the rear kick and the switch kick.

I was so focused on the the combinations, that I would be out of breath from just doing 5 rear kicks. Looking back at it now, that really hindered my performance. I was not fit enough to practice the combinations, neither was I flexible enough (thank you 9-5 desk job) (find out how to get more flexible for kickboxing)

What I ended up doing was just get through the class, cut corners on the cardio and stretching, and work on my kicks. My 2nd week results were average fitness wise. But because i want not flexible enough, and stubborn, i messed up my kicks and kicked with my feet as opposed to my chins. My left foot was so swollen, I couldnt practice for a week and my fitness level was back to 0 by the time it heeled.

Bruised feet from Kickboxing

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