How Much do Kickboxers Get Paid

Badr Hari in a professional Muay Thai Fight.
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If you are looking forward to building a career as a professional kickboxer, you have probably wondered how much do kickboxers get paid. You have come to the right place for the answer. Apart from answering your question, this post will also describe the factors behind a kickboxer’s earnings. 

How Much You May Earn as a Professional Kickboxer?

Payouts for the fights can range from only $600 to a whopping $1 million. World Series of Fighting payouts range from $2,000 to $31,000. All fighters are paid, whether they win or not. Some kickboxers choose to teach the sport as fitness trainers, earning an average of $31,720 a year as of 2012.

While the numbers might look promising as payouts for World Series of Fighting is indeed decent, you have to remember that very few fighters make it to such a prestigious competition.

In addition, you need to maintain a certain standard of lifestyle to become a professional kickboxer. You will need coaches, managers, nutritionists, physicians, and your personal training facility. These don’t come cheap. Before taking kickboxing as a career option, you must consider the costs of the fighter lifestyle as well. 

KickboxerHighest Reported Earning per FightNet Worth
Andy Souwern/a$8 Million
Badr Hari$272,257$5 Million
Buakaw Banchamek$32,296$1.7 Million
Peter AertsN/A$4 Million
Rico VerhoevenN/A$3 Million
Ernesto HoostN/A$13 Million
Gokhan SakiN.A$800K

Note: The reported earnings and net worths above do not reflect their current financial status. They are based on online reports. Furthermore, their net worths constantly change. These are best used as a point of reference.

Factors that Determine A Kickboxer’s Earnings

If you are passionate about the sport and tried practicing on your own, you might think that you still have a chance to make it big in the kickboxing arena. Moreover, your gym instructor might think that you can be a professional kickboxer and earn big bucks on your way! The dream is there, but is it realistic?

Top tier, famous fighters earn a lot of money, but exactly how much do average fighters, who are not famous, earn per year? And how many of them make it big? You have to consider answers to these questions before you quit everything else to become the next big kickboxer in the arena.

The answer lies in the factors behind the money a kickboxer makes.

Fighting Capability

Professional kickboxers fighting in the ring.
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Yes, if you are capable of fighting at the highest level, you are going to make good bucks. Better yet, you can even become a millionaire if you can manage to make it to the top 0.09%. 

Out of the twenty thousand professional kickboxers and the added one thousand MMA professionals, around twenty people make more than a million dollars a year.


There are some exceptions in the field. It is because some of the novice fighters possess the unprecedented potential to succeed in the current top 0.09 percentile. 

So, how do they get paid because of their potential if they are not making money through fighting? They have promoters. They back them up because of the potential they have to make money in the future. 

Promoters like Frank and Bellator invest in potential fighters in the long-term hoping that they reach the heights of world champions at some stage. It gives these novice fighters a good chance to become better without any distractions. But, beware, these kinds of packages are scarce.

The Venue

The venue has to do with how much you can take away from a particular fight. Bigger venues can accommodate more fans, which in turn brings more money into the table.


Sponsors are essential for every sport. While big names in the kickboxing sport can take a lot from sponsors, an average kickboxer will only make a modicum of money to absolutely none.

Some sponsors were asked as to what they seek in a fighter. When asked,  they said they look for social media reach, a unique selling point (USP), achievements, and someone with moral standing.


Kickboxer kneeling down in the fighting ring.
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This is the most critical factor in this business. The more people you can draw into the game, the more you can make. Most of the excess salary that the top fighters get away with comes mainly because of their popularity.

Kickboxing As A Lifestyle

Most of the athletes are here for the adrenaline rush that they get out of playing every match. They like to practice, keep themselves fit, and, most importantly, they want to be inside the ring. 

For these players, their salary is just a bonus. In reality, they just want to keep fighting in the ring out of their sheer love for the sport. For them, it’s not just a fight, it’s an art and a lifestyle choice.

The Bottom Line

Some people simply practice kickboxing as part of their lifestyle. Others enter the sport professionally to earn some bucks. Now, you might be one of those who are passionate, or you might think you can make it to the top. Now that you know the whole scenario, the decision is yours to make. 

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