Fairtex Maddox 2 Grappling Dummy Review

Fairtex New GD2 Maddox Grappling Dummy






Strong Neck for Chokes



  • Durability
  • Stands without support
  • Practice for a lot of BJJ moves
  • Flexibility


  • Legs may hard

The Fairtex Maddox 2 Grappling Dummy is a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu grappling dummy that is a great training partner should you not have a training partner with you or if you’re working out from home.

It takes a lot of practice to prefect a kick, an anacode choke, or any other grappling move. This requires a high number or repetitions which can be difficult to get with a training partner. This is where the grappling dummy comes in handy. Grappling Dummy’s are perfect to practice, practice, practice. Its all about reps, its also a great alternative for folks who have sustained an injury and are still looking to work on particular moves.

The Fairtex Maddox 2 dummy comes unfilled, and is fillable by sand. The neck of the dummy is thick and strong enough for you to do the guillotine without worrying about damaging the dummy.

Some other moves people commonly use this dummy for are the darce choke and the anaconda choke.

Once the dummy is filled, it can stay seated on its legs without any balance support.

Unlike the older version of the Fairtex Maddox Grappling Dummy, the Fair Maddox 2 Grappling Dummy is cheaper and includes the hands and feet. One thing to note is that they hands and feet are rather fragile, so whether you’re using it at your local gym or at home, be sure to watch out for that.

You may also notice that after a month, the weight of the sand start to shift lower to the legs, which doesnt mean the upper body will become more fragile, it just means you may want to watch out how hard you’re kicking the legs of this Dummy.

The Grappling Academy talks about this in grater detail, but watch the video below to further understand the benefits of the Fairtex Maddox 2 grappling dummy.

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