Dummy Man for Kickboxing – Top 3

Dummy man for kickboxing

Punching dummies are great to practice your kickboxing combinations on and prefect your moves. It’s an ideal way to sharpen your fighting skills and gain more experience. In the world of kickboxing, practice makes perfect, and punching dummies are part of the process.

A dummy man is seen as a better alternative than a punching bag for practice because its more realistic than a punching bag and allows you to work on your accuracy. Furthermore, there are moves that are much better performed on a dummy than a punching bag, like hooks.

What to Consider Before Buying a Dummy Man for Kickboxing

1- Fillings: Sand or Water?

Both options work great to fill the dummy man. However the decision lies on whether you’re looking for a quick filling vs a more sturdy base. Water is easy to find and quick to fill, however many people people prefer to fill it with sand as it makes the base slightly more steady.

2- Height

Whether you’re looking to practice your moves on a opponent who is your height, or someone who’s taller or shorter than you, heigh adjustability is key to practicing your combinations.

Realistically, you never know if your opponent will be shorter, taller, or the same height. That said, your strategy fighting an opponent who is taller than you will be much different than someone who is shorter than you. Therefore, working out on a dummy man with height adjustability is key to practicing your moves.

Whether you’re looking for a dummy to train at home or looking for a dummy to bring to your local gym as a partner replacement, you can do a lot with a dummy man. Here’s a list of the best dummy man for kickboxing:

1- Century BOB Body Opponent Bag Freestanding Training Dummy

The classic Century BOB is definitely a safe option to go for if you’re looking for a reliable and durable dummy. Made in the USA, this dummy is a great alternative for a training partner.

The material is made from high-strength plastisol. What is plastisol you ask? It’s basically a liquid that when heated, becomes a flexible and indestructible rubber like substance. The ideal material for receiving high impact pressures like jabs crosses, kicks and all other kickboxing combinations.

The Century bob comes with a 1 year warranty. You can fill it up with sand or water, when fully filled it can weight up to 270 lbs. Furthermore, the height is adjustable from 60 inches to 78 inches.

Adjustable HeightComes with only the upper body portion of the dummy
Adjustable Weight
You can use bare hands to practice on this dummy man
Made From High-Strength Plastisol
1 Year Warranty
Made in the USA

2- Century BOB XL with Base Unit

This is the brilliant sibling of Century BOB. In its larger form, too. A lot of the features are the same. Both are

  • Made from high-strength plastisol
  • Great alternative to a punching bag
  • Can receive high impact punches and kicks while returning to its original position
  • Can be filled with water or sand
  • Can weight up to 270 lbs when fully filled

You may be wondering, what on earth is the difference between these two options. Well, it’s mainly the larger surface area. The Century Bob XL has both the upper and lower body portions attached to it.

Some people prefer the XL option because the can practice more moves and combinations. Furthermore, in the scenario that you may have missed the right shot and kicked lower than your intended target, you wont have to worry about injuring yourself. This becomes especially handy if multiple people of different heights are going to be using this dummy man. AS great solution for kids as well.

You can use bare hands to practice on this dummy manMay not be worth the price increase if you’re looking to only practice on your upper body movements
Includes upper and lower body parts
Adjustable weight and height
Made in the USA

Here’s a full comparison between the Century Bob vs Century Bob XL

3- Ring to Cage MMA Man-Shaped Dummy Punching Bag

The ring to cage dummy man is slightly different than the first two options in that it is hung. It is designed so that it can move in 360 degrees making it a more realistic fighting opponent.

It’s made from high-quality, heavy-duty polyester-coated vinyl making it very durable. What really makes it stand out from the crowd is that it can be brought down to the ground and used on the floor to work on grappling and other combinations.

360 degree maneuverabilityDoes require a facility to hang the dummy man
Can be used on the ground
Weighs up to 75 lbs

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