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Crossfit class - Crossfit or kickboxing
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Crossfit and kickboxing are intense and help you lose weight. Crossfit is more focused on cardiovascular health and losing weight, whereas kickboxing focuses on fitness and fighting.

Why do People Choose Crossfit over Kickboxing?


People who stick with crossfit for months and are capable of sticking with the program quickly see results, espcially if they’re new to the program and their bodies can’t adapt or get used to the workouts. Crossfit burns a lot of calories since its a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

According to a peer-reviewed study, in which one group trained for 45 minutes in moderate intensity and the other group incorporated HIIT training for 20 minutes, both groups burned the same calories but the HIIT group burned 9 times more calories (source).

Man tired after crossfit class - Crossfit or Kickboxing
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Other than burning calories and looking good, HIIT workouts are really good for your cardiovascular system. A study by the American Council on Exercise found that crossfit workouts result in better VO2 max, max heart rate, and calories burned compared to regular workouts (source).


Groups that face adversity together typically connect much better. Something about going through the painful journey collectively helps you connect with people better. It’s well known and very apparent that crossfit goers connect better and have a real sense of community.

Friends at a Crossfit class - Crossfit or Kickboxing
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During the workouts, the vibes are very positive and everyone with you in the box is trying to have a great workout and is constantly supporting one another.

Depending on the crossfit gym that you go to, the instructor may sometimes separate you in teams and when that happens, the chances of you meeting more people increases significantly.

Classes are short but efficient

If you’ve ever been to a crossfit class before, you know how short these classes are. They’re short for good reason, the workouts are TOUGH! Since the workouts are intense, there’s no need for you to stay in the gym for hours.

Crossfit Incorporates weights

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If you’re looking to incorporate weights into your regimen in hopes of gaining more muscle, then choosing crossfit over kickboxing is a wise choice.

There are tons of crossfit workout that include weights to add more resistance to the workout. Crossfit is unique in that it can be both an aerobic and anaerobic workout depending on the workout of the day (also known as WOD).

Why Do People Choose Kickboxing Over Crossfit?

Fighting Skills

Woman punching pad as part of her kickboxing training sessions: Kickboxing benefits for females.
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You never know what situation you may run into, so its always nice to know how to defend yourself or at least know the basics of fighting. This includes learning how to properly:

  • jab
  • cross
  • undercut
  • hooks
  • lok kicks
  • high kicks
  • Knee strikes

A combination of the following can put you in a situation where you’re capable of defending yourself and get out of an ugly situation.

Strengthens The Body

Kickboxing involves a lot of punching and kicking, so you’d imagine how much training goes into sustaining all those hits and still keep on fighting. While Crossfit makes you look more chizzled, ripped, in-shape (whatever you want to call it), kickboxing toughens you up and makes your muscles stronger.

Kickboxing also toughens you up mentally. When you’re sparring, you need to keep on taking the hits, throw the punches and kicks, while also focusing on conserving your energy and sticking to a particular strategy depending on your opponent. The more you kickbox, the more you learn how to triumph tough situations and handle stress better.

Stress Reliver

Kickboxing helps you relieve stress, whether it be physical or mental. If you’ve ever been to a kickboxing class after a hard day at work, you’ll feel like you’ve let out all that needs to be let out with a few strong kicks and hooks!

Similarities Between Crossfit and Kickboxing

Both Are Great For Your Health

Whether you’re looking to lose fat and get in shape, both activities will help you achieve that goal. Thats because both of these workouts are focused on being high intensity.

If you’re looking for more of a cardio focused workout, you can join cardio kickboxing classes where you’ll be doing circuit training and a high number of punches and kicks.

Oh, and they both burn a ton of calories. Find out how many calories you can burn kickboxing.

Both Improve Your Flexibility

If you’ve ever been to a kickboxing or crossfit class, you would know how much emphasis the instructors put on flexibility.

In crossfit, stretching and flexibility is important because you dont want other body parts compensating for other body parts. The same goes for kickboxing. Stretching your hips are a must to give you enough flexibility to allow you to swing your foot right for those kicks.

Find out how long it takes to get good at kickboxing.

Crossfit and Kickboxing Make You Happier

After you’re done with a kickboxing, crossfit, or any other intense workout, your body naturally releases chemicals endorphins. Endorphins reduce the perception of pain and triggers a positive feeling in the body (source).

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