About – Adam Sheriff

Why did I start this site?

I started CooperKickboxing soon after I joined a local Muay Thai gym. Before starting my first class, I searched endlessly for beginner questions about Kickboxing, but the information that was out there did not suffice.

I struggled a lot with the form and technique with a lot of different combinations. I also had endless injuries from Kickboxing when first starting. I’ve learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts in Kickboxing. Now, others can have a resource to come to when they need it.

Why did I start Kickboxing?

Like most folks on new years eve or just before it, I noticed that I needed to get back in shape. Previously, I did go to the gym and weight lift. However, years into the game, I confronted myself and noticed 2 things.

  • I honestly hate it
  • I wasn’t getting the results I wanted after years of effort.

While I used to love going at first, the gym was definitely my outlet. I experienced all the positives as a frequent gym goer; health improvement, decent results, better mood, and met lots of new people and befriended many!

As time passed, I noticed that I truly was not getting much out of it compared to what I was putting in. Tried different workouts, meal prepped, tracked calories daily, spent TON of cash on supplements. When I stopped seeing the results, that’s when I started contemplating wether I enjoyed it or not.

I stopped working out and exercising for about 3 months and randomly decided to try out a kickboxing class. I tried it a few more times after that, and have been going regularly ever since. I am constantly in a state flow when kickboxing, and have learned tons of new moves and combinations.

About Me

I am half Egyptian and half Palestinian but never lived in either countries.

When I’m not working on CooperKickboxing, Im either listening to House or Techno music. Truly obsessed with Techno Dj’s such as Solomun to house and electronic Dj’s like Deadmau5. If you had to ask me who my favourite DJ of all time is, I must say, Deadmau5. I first listened to his song, Strobe, back in 2007 and that was my gateway into the beautiful world of House and Techno.

When im not bumping my head to beats, im out there trying to achieve my goal of visiting 1 new country every single year. Thus far, I haven’t been so successful but did visit some beautiful places like Costa Rica, Cuba, Lebanon, and UAE (Dubai). My Goal is to hit 20 countries!

That’s me!